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Alpaca Bed

Alpaca Bed

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Offer Your Cat A Cozy And Comfortable Place To Sleep

Designed to look like an adorable alpaca, it will become a beloved sleeping spot for your furry friend. The bed comes in two models: the first is a circular, open design, while the second is a small, enclosed cave, providing your cat with the option to ecurl up in a cozy hideaway.

Velvet Design: Both models are made of soft, white velvet that is comfortable for your cat to lounge on, this material provides the ultimate comfort for your cat.

Home Decor: Designed with beauty and elegance. The white velvet and adorable alpaca face make this bed a decorative piece, blending seamlessly with your existing home decor.

Durable And Easy To Clean: Made to withstand regular use, ensuring its longevity. It´s also easy to clean, making it a convenient and practical choice for pet owners.

Encourages Restful Sleep: The plush, comfortable materials of our bed encourages your cat to stay relaxed and calm. This can help keep your cat healthy and happy.



» Suitable for cats and small dogs.

»  Made of premium velvet fabric with high elastic PP cotton padding.

» Zipperless design, ensuring a safe and hassle-free experience

Size Information:

Yurt: 17,7in x 17,7in (45cm x 45cm)

Nest: 19,7in (50cm) x 7,87in (20cm) height

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