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Automatic Toothpick Holder

Automatic Toothpick Holder

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The Most Stylish Way To Hold a Toothpick

The ultimate solution for quickly and easily dispensing toothpicks with a simple press of a button. This innovative dispenser features a press design that allows you to dispense a toothpick with minimal effort.

Hygiene: Toothpicks are dispensed one at a time, reducing the chances of contamination compared to using a toothpick from a communal container. The dispenser also helps to keep toothpicks clean and free of debris.

Stylish And Beautiful: Exquisite pattern is unique and beautiful, great decoration on your desk.

Multiple Usage Scenarios: Suitable for offices, homes, restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes, hotels, as well as gifts for friends, lovers, and family.

Safe Material: Healthy PP+ABS materials, from the selection of raw materials, to a large number of color tests, to the mold opening, every detail is strictly controlled to make high-quality toothpick holder. 

Reduced Waste: Dispensing toothpicks one at a time reduces the amount of waste compared to traditional toothpick containers, which often result in toothpicks being spilled or wasted. Also eliminates the need for constantly buying new toothpick containers, reducing waste and saving money in the long run.


» The lid and toothpick box can be separated, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

» Made of food-grade PP material and wheat straw, which is free from heavy metals, ensuring a safer and more eco-friendly toothpick holder.

» For optimal functionality, we recommend not overloading the toothpick container.

Size Information: 2,16in x 2,16in x 3,74in (5,5cm x 5,5cm x 9,5cm)

Weight: Approximately 0,14lbs (64g)

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