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Wheel Humidifier

Wheel Humidifier

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Keep The Air In Your Car Fresh And Clean

This car gadget uses ultrasonic technology to turn water into a fine mist, which is then diffused into the air, helping to moisturize the dry air inside your car and prevent dry skin, nasal congestion, and other respiratory issues.

Improves Air Quality: Improve the air quality inside your car, which can help to relieve dry skin, dry throat, and other respiratory problems caused by dry air.

Quiet And Discreet: Enjoy improved air quality without any distracting noise, as it operates quietly, making it a great choice for use while you're driving.

Reduces Static Electricity: Reduce the amount of static electricity in your car, which can help to protect your car's electronics and keep you more comfortable while you're driving.

Portable Design: You will be able to take it with you wherever you go, as it is designed to be portable and easy to transport from one car to another.


» Enjoy a captivating ambiance with built-in colorful atmosphere lights, creating a cool and visually appealing atmosphere in your car.

» Equipped with a high-capacity 800mAh lithium battery, providing a reliable 3-4 hours of continuous operation.

» Constructed with premium ABS material, electronic components, and a stylish plating metal wheel design.

» Customize your humidification experience by selecting between continuous or intermittent mist modes.

» Package includes a USB charger for efficient charging.

Size Information: 2,71in x 2,71in x 5,12in (6,9cm x 6,9cm x 13cm)

Capacity: 10,15oz (300ml)

Rated Power: 2W

Working Voltage: 5V

Noise Level: 20-30dB

Please, note that it´s recommended to moisten the cotton swab before use

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