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Fast Defrosting Tray

Fast Defrosting Tray

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Speed Up The Desfrosting Process

This kitchen gadget is made out of high quality thermal conductive material to speed up thawing process dramatically.The tray is lightweight and easy to use, simply place your frozen food on the tray and wait for it to defrost. 

Fast Defrosting: Place your food directly on the tray to speed up the defrosting process, it decreases thawing times by at least 50%. For smaller and thinner items, defrosting is even faster! 

Ergonomic Design: This defrosting tray is ergonomically designed, it has a groove  to drain the liquid to keep the tray and counter clean. There are non-slip feet on each corner, allowing you to move the tray easily

Easy To Clean: This gadget has a smooth surface construction and Non-stick coated can easily makes it easier to remove food from the surface. It very easy to clean and maintain. Dishwasher safe or use sponge or cloth to wash.

Natural Heat: Instead of using microwaves, electricity or hot water to defrost food, our product is a healthy way to defrost food quickly and naturally. This helps preserve the essential nutrients and vitamins in the food.


» Our tray doesn´t require electricity, batteries, or the use of microwaves, chemicals, or hot water. 

» It utilizes natural heat transfer to accelerate the thawing process, preserving the taste, texture, and nutrients of your food.

» Made from premium quality thermal conductive material with aluminum and silica gel components.

» Thawing times may vary depending on the size and thickness of the food.

Size Information: 11,61in x 8,07in (29,5cm x 20,5cm)

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