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Cat Scratcher Toy

Cat Scratcher Toy

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Provide Your Cat With A Safe And Fun Way To Scratch, Play, And Exercise

Bring endless hours of entertainment as your cat tries to find the ball within the various shapes of the spiral, plus it also doubles as a scratching post, allowing your cat to indulge its natural scratching and clawing instincts.

Promotes Scratching: Our scratching toy encourages your cat to scratch and claw in a safe and appropriate manner, helping to keep claws healthy and strong.

Protect Your Furniture: By redirecting your cat's scratching behavior to the toy, it helps prevent destructive scratches on your furniture and other household items, allowing you to enjoy a cleaner, more restful home.

Provides Mental Stimulation: The toy's flexible deformation and hide-the-ball feature provide endless opportunities for play and mental stimulation, promoting a healthy and happy cat.

Durable Materials: Made of high-density corrugated paper with a mesh honeycomb design, ensures durability and longevity even with frequent use.


» It includes a delightful ball that adds an extra element of fun to playtime.

» Made from high-quality, eco-friendly corrugated paper bonded with non-toxic cornstarch glue, ensuring the utmost safety for your cat. 

» Environmentally friendly and recyclable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Size Information: 9,45in x 9,45in x 3,94in (24cm x 24cm x 10cm)

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