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Mushroom Night Light

Mushroom Night Light

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Add a Touch Of Charm To Your Home

This innovative light features a mushroom-shaped design and is powered by energy-efficient LED lights. The light can be used for decoration or as a night light and provides a soft and warm ambiance.

LED Brightness: These cute mushroom night lights are soft and warm, not too bright not too dim, moderate brightness will not irritate your eyes, which provide you with a comfortable feeling to use.

Unique Design: This night lamp designed in a lovely mushroom shape, which make it look cute and interesting, people of most ages will appreciate it.

Intelligent Light Control: No switch required. When the light is dimmed, the light is automatically turned on; when the light is bright, the light is automatically turned off.

Energy Saving And Enviromental Protection: Due to the low consumption of the lights, great energy savings are achieved. Turning on for 12 hours a day would have a consumption of 1KWh of electricity per year.


» Automatically lights up when the room is dark and turns off when it's bright, ensuring energy efficiency and convenience.

» The gentle warm yellow light creates a soothing ambiance that promotes relaxation without disturbing your sleep.

» Made from high-quality ABS 

» Designed with energy-saving features to reduce power consumption and contribute to environmental preservation.

Size Information: 3,30in x 1,57in x 3,70in (8,4cm x 4cm x 9,4cm)

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