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Funny Toy

Funny Toy

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Improve Your Pet´s Digestion

This egg-shaped toy is designed to dispense food little by little as your pet moves it. The toy helps keep your pet entertained and mentally stimulated while improving their digestive process.

Control Your Pet´s Eating Habits: By dispensing food slowly, you can help regulate your pet's eating speed and prevent overeating. Great for eager eaters, it distributes meals into several smaller portions, making dinner easier on your pet.

Stimulate Your Pet´s Mind: It will challenge your pet's instincts and cognitive skills as they work to dispense the food. It will keep your pet entertained and mentally stimulated.

Durable: Designed to withstand rough play and repeated use, making it a great investment for pet owners.

Designed For Multiple Pets: Due to its measurements, it is suitable for medium and small dogs, cats or rabbits.


» Suitable for small dogs, cats, and rabbits.

» It features a flexible switch that allows you to control the size of the treats leaking hole, making it suitable for a variety of treat sizes.

» Made of high-quality, non-toxic, and durable polypropylene and polycarbonate (PP and PC).

» Its egg shape allows it to roll in a confined space, preventing the food from scattering.

Size Information: 4,60in x 3,94in (11,7cm x 10cm)

Weight: 0,3lbs (138g)

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