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Portable Tire Inflator

Portable Tire Inflator

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Improve Your Safety On The Road

Designed for emergency situations such as a flat tire or punctured tire while driving. It's compact and lightweight, making it easy to store in the car and transport, plus it has a built-in LED emergency light, which can come in handy during nighttime emergencies.

Improved Safety: Overinflated or underinflated tires can increase the risk of accidents, blowouts, and premature wear. That is why a properly inflated tire is essential to improve your safety on the road.

Versatility: Our tire inflator can be used on a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and more. This makes it a versatile tool that can come in handy in a variety of situations.

Saves Time: Going to a gas station or a mechanic to inflate your tires can be time-consuming and inconvenient, it allows you to quickly and easily inflate your tires at home or on-the-go, saving you time and hassle.

Peace Of Mind: Knowing that you have this gadget in your car can provide peace of mind and confidence while on the road, as well as help you get back on the road quickly and safely.


» The built-in digital LCD screen provides precise real-time tire pressure readings.

» Crafted from exceptionally durable and lightweight ABS material, our tire inflator guarantees long-lasting performance, reliability, and ease of handling.

» Designed to stop automatically once it reaches the set pressure values, eliminating the risk of over-inflation.

» The package includes a charging cable for the battery.

»  It is crucial to carefully read the instructions before use and avoid operating the inflator in direct sunlight or high-temperature environments.

Size Information: 9,05in x 3,74in x 5,90in (23cm x 9,5cm x 15cm)

Current: 12V

Power: 120W

Maximum Working Pressure: 150PSI

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