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LED Night Light

LED Night Light

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Easily Navigate To The Bathroom In The Dark

This innovative bathroom gadget can installs easily on the rim of your toilet and illuminates your bathroom with a soft, warm light. The light is motion-activated, so it only turns on when you enter the room, and turns off after you leave, saving energy.

Motion Activated: No more needing to turn on bathroom lights at night when you're half asleep, motion activated, only turns on when you enter the bathroom in the dark.

Multicolor: Our night light has 16 colors, which work on a rotation system. 170 degree coverage makes it detect motion at a much wider angle than other lights on the market.

Fit Any Toilet: Soft PVC neck can be flexibly bends for more convenience, sturdy material makes it easy to stay in any shape and keep steadily.

Enhance Safety: It helps to prevent accidents by providing a well-lit path to the toilet, reducing the risk of falls, tripping, and other hazards.


» Designed to fit universally on any toilet.

» The light features a highly responsive motion sensor, detecting movement and providing appropriate lighting for any toilet.

» Crafted from soft PVC, offering durability and flexibility.

» It includes a button to conveniently cycle through the 16 available colors.

Size Information: 2,56in x 2,75in (6,5cm x 7cm)

Power Source: Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Average Service Life: Long-lasting performance with an average lifespan of 100 hours

Light Source Power: 4.5W

Light Colors: 16 colors

Induction Distance: Effective detection range of up to 118,10 inches (3 meters)

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